How You Can Help the Environment – Part 1

Students are striving to learn how they can contribute to bettering the world. There are clubs and classes on a number of social issues, and these teach students what they can do to change these issues. One of the more popular causes over the past few years has been focused on preserving resources and helping the environment. There are a number of ways that you too can help to protect Mother Earth. Here are three ways that you can help.

Use reusable bags

Plastic bags like the ones used in supermarkets that get thrown away end up in various parts of the environment, such as landfills. The problem is that animals, mistaking them for food, can get stuck in them and suffocate. Further, it takes a long time for these bags to decompose. Use a reusable bag when you’re shopping for your weekly food supplies, books clothes, or anything else. This reduces litter and prevents animals from being able to get a hold of them. Some shops, like Target, are even offering discounts for using reusable bags. The bags can be used for other purposes, too, such as when moving house. If you forget to take your bags out with you, buy a new one. You could even leave a couple of bags in your car, so you have them whenever you leave home.

Keep your notes

This one’s aimed at students, but it can apply to anyone on a course, not just at formal institutions. Once the term is over, students often find themselves with notes they no longer need. As teachers are required to keep their teaching material consistent with the institution’s guidelines, the next group of students will be essentially learning the same material. If you feel that you took great notes, you could also ask your teacher to hand them to another student who will be able to follow along with them as they study rather than take new notes on new paper. It can be a benefit to read concepts that are expressed differently than that of the teacher.  It’s also nice to help others. It may be that you’d need to find a student without the help of your teacher if they’re too busy. You can list them on online college boards and even sell them.

Use reusable beverage containers

Rather than purchasing individually-packaged drinks, you could instead buy a bulk container of the drink you want and buy a reusable water bottle. This will both help the environment, as well as save money. Many university campuses, businesses, and health clubs provide water fountains for drinking and filling water bottles. Use these fountains in the day when you’ve finished your initial drink.In similar fashion, a number of restaurants provide reusable containers for beverages. If you visit a particular restaurant a lot, think about purchasing one of these containers to minimise waste. Many coffee shops will even offer you a discount if you use one of these reusable containers.