Who’s Responsible for Climate Change? – Part 1

Climate change is not a hoax. It’s caused by mankind and we’re witnessing the effects. Unless we ramp up our efforts to reduce carbon pollution, the effects could well destroy the climate that is responsible for modern civilisation in the first place. As each of these points is vital to the future of our planet, let’s tackle them one by one.

Greenhouse gases

The greenhouse effect is why we have a planet to live on. The basics of physics have been known about for more than 100 years. The earth is heated by the light from the sun. The planet, in turn, reradiates that warmth as infrared radiation. Some atmospheric gases, including carbon dioxide and water, allowing visible light to pass through while containing specific infrared radiation types.

The greenhouse gases that contain heat acts as part-blanket to assist the planet in maintaining a heat level around 60°F warmer than it would otherwise be, which is perfect for human beings and the modern system of agriculture we have developed in order to feed billions of us.

Since the advent of the industrial revolution over 200 hundred years ago, however, human beings have been emitting vast amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, mainly from deforestation and burning fossil fuels- natural gas, oil, and coal.

The Earth has been warmed around 1.5°F by the additional trapped heat in the past 100 years. A report from 2013 by the most respected climate scientists in the world insisted that the climate system warming is unequivocal. The report was backed by each of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s 195 member countries. In 2010, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences claimed that the evidence for this warming is undeniable.

Humans responsible

A significant 97 per cent of experts on climate change believe that the climate is being altered by humankind. Only a rise in the greenhouse effect and of manmade carbon pollution offers a reasonable explanation of the magnitude and rate of recent surface temperature warming, the rising atmospheric moisture levels, and ocean heat content changes, along with other changes caused by humans.

Each of the climate change sources unrelated to mankind, like volcanoes and changes in the Earths orbit or the sun’s radiation, would be a cooling factor for the planet if it weren’t for manmade global warming pollution.

That’s why the IPCC report from 2013 said that the estimate that humans are responsible for climate change is the best estimate for man-induced warming contribution since 1950. Over 150 recent reports state that we are now observing the impact of climate change.

Our climate system is breaking records at a scary pace. Climate change makes various extreme weather events harsher and more probable. More wildfires, more floods, more droughts, and more heat waves.

Warming makes heat waves directly, more frequently, stronger, and longer. A key study from 2012 revealed that an extreme save, like the one from 2011, is 20x more like to occur than 40-50 years earlier.